Jamon Van Den Hoek, PhD 

Associate Professor of Geography | College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences | Oregon State University

Visiting Research Fellow | Centre for Research Architecture | Department of Visual Cultures | Goldsmiths, University of London

Graduate Researchers

Nazia Afroze

Geography PhD student

Zhanpei Fang

Geography PhD student

Corey Scher

PhD candidate (CUNY Grad Center)

Jaimlyn Sypniewski

Environmental Sciences PhD student

Honors College Students

Kenna Bernadin

Jenna Cordisco

Annabelle Owyoung

Past Postdoctoral Scholars, Students, and Visiting Scholars

Raphaela Edwards (Visiting Scholar)

Lama Ranjous (Visiting Scholar)

Katy Davis (Postdoctoral Scholar)

Zachary Field (Water Resources MS)

Hannah Mizell (Geography MS): Assessing Opportunities and Constraints of Monitoring Refugee Settlement Socioeconomic Conditions using Nighttime Lights: A Case Study of Bidi Bidi and Rhino Camp Refugee 

Alex Smith (Geography PhD): An exploration of 30 years of Landsat-satellite derived forest change data through land manager narratives of community forest and private land management in Nepal

Elise Mazur (Geography MS): Putting Food on the Map: Automated Mapping of Community Gardens with High Resolution Aerial Imagery using an Object Based Approach in Google Earth Engine

Anna Ballasiotes (Geography MS): Mapping Untreated and Semi-treated Wastewater Effluent off the Coast of Gaza with Sentinel-1 Time Series Data

Hannah Friedrich (Geography MS): Breaking Ground: Automating the Detection of Refugee Settlement Establishment and Growth through Landsat Time Series Analysis with a Case Study in Northern Uganda

Sue Kyung (May) Hwang (Water Resources Policy & Management MS): Alarming for Nothing?: A Geographic and Sentiment Analysis of Water Securitization in Academic Research

Frieda Fein (Geography MS): Are Refugee Camps Refuges? A Spatially Explicit Analysis of Security Threats to African Refugee Camps (1997-2016)

Paulo Murillo-Sandoval (Forest Ecosystems and Society MS): Leveraging Multi-Sensor Time Series Datasets to Map Short- and Long-Term Forest Disturbances and Drivers of Change in the Colombian Andes