Mother Earth (2011)

Paulo is interested in the monitoring of agriculture systems, forest transitions and their connection with socio-environmental processes. Using remote sensing time-series he wants to document, establish and understand specific links between landscape changes and complex social issues such as armed conflict.

Paulo has worked as a topographic engineer from Universidad del Valle (Cali-Colombia) with a Masters degree in Sustainable Forest Management from Oregon State University. He worked at Colombian Sugarcane Research Center (CENICAÑA), and as an assistant professor in Universidad del Tolima (Ibague-Colombia). Nowadays. I am pursuing a PhD in Geography at OSU, establishing causal linkages between temporal stages of armed conflict and their repercussion on natural ecosystems.


  1. Generation of a spectral database, Study Area: Botanic Garden Alejandro Von-Humboldt (Universidad del Tolima). Funding code: 300114. Universidad del Tolima Amount: $10000USD. 2014-2015.
  2. Monitoring of sugarcane crop using remote sensing data, Funding code: 221440520288, COLCIENCIAS–COLOMBIA Amount: $78000USD. 2008-2010.